My Personal Thoughts On Balenciaga's Latest Iridescent Hardware
2 May 2016

My Personal Thoughts On Balenciaga’s Latest Iridescent Hardware

Okay I really don’t know what is up with Balenciaga and their latest hardware. For me, the Giant 21 studs were the best, but then they got rid of that, and came up with the Giant 12 studs, which, in my opinion, isn’t really “giant” enough. In fact, I thought that there wasn’t much of a difference in comparison to the regular studs. And yes, this is coming from a total Balenciaga fangirl, but because of all these new hardware modifications, Valentino has since replaced Balenciaga at the top of my list.

And then this season, there was the Amp Plate hardware which I featured last week, which really falls flat.. And then there’s the Iridescent hardware, which, in my opinion, looks rather well, pardon me, el cheapo. I don’t have an issue with Iridescent hardware, and I think Alexander Wang did an excellent job with the same hardware on his “Brenda” bag a few seasons ago, but in this case, the hardware really spoils the bag. Also, if you’re wondering why the bag looks different, that’s because they’ve removed the front zipper pocket, thus making the bag even more uninteresting.

What are your thoughts?

Image via Balenciaga