My Thoughts On Proenza Schouler's Latest Hava Bag
13 July 2016

My Thoughts On Proenza Schouler’s Latest Hava Bag

Proenza Schouler has a new bag! Okay so it’s been around since early this year, so it isn’t exactly new new. But the only reason I waited till now to feature it, is because when it first debuted in the plain leather versions, I found it quite iffy. After the immensely successful PS1 and PS11, it may be said that the McCollough-Hernandez design power couple has had 2 great hits, where their bags are concerned. And they’re banking on the latest “Hava” bag for that third time charm.

The Hava is probably the result of what would have happened if both the PS1 and PS11 had gotten married and had a child – It has the structure and shape similar to that of the PS11, with a clasp like the PS1’s except with the hardware hollowed out, leaving just the “outlines”, but nonetheless with the exact same function. The chain, however, is something that is uniquely the Hava’s own, but also with a similar aesthetic to the clasp, – rectangles linked together that upon first glance, appear to be more flimsy than sturdy, but in actuality, quite weighty and because there isn’t any leather shoulder guard on the chain, it sit rather uncomfortably on the shoulder. And in this case, perhaps the seasonal pieces like the one shown above would be a better bet because, hey, it comes with a leather piece, and a chain interlaced with leather. Very seasonal in style, but hey, I love that very thick “whipstitch-like” details on the bag and the contrast stitching. While it’s very seasonal, it not only rests more comfortably on you, but is also less “blah” than the regular leather Hava bags.

And then there’s this one, with suede and exotic skin panels and those ball-bearing-like 3-dimensional spherical embellishments that sorta remind me of the Christmas and because they look like bells atop Santa hats. This is a bag that you probably either love or hate. I first saw this at the Club21 multilevel store in Pavilion over 2 weeks ago, and truth be told, I’ve been thinking about it ever since. In fact, it was why I am writing this blogpost!   I know that for a lot of you, there is a lot going on here, but I’m really drawn to it for some reason. This one is available in a mini clutch size, so it’s less OTT.  Personally, though, I wouldn’t have minded it in a slightly larger size too, but I guess that’s due to my penchant for colour and stud-like thingymajiggies.

Having said all this, though, it still remains to be seen whether the Hava would be their next big thing. What do you think?