Evian x Alexander Wang 2015 Limited Edition Bottle
2 November 2015

Evian x Alexander Wang 2015 Limited Edition Bottle

I have a couple of friends who, without fail, collect these Limited Edition Evian bottles every year. So I thought, hey, since it’s something my friends are interested in, I thought I’d write about this here on the blog, because I’m sure there are some of you who may be collectors too!

For this year’s 2015 edition, Evian has collaborated with Alexander Wang. Called “REFLECTION OF PURITY”, the bottle features Wang’s barcode logo that is available in either black or white, thus highlighting the purity of Evian water that is visible through the horizontal lines.
Alexander Wang designs evian® limited edition bottle REFLECTION OF PURITY evian® announces its collaboration with New York based designer Alexander Wang. 2015 marks the ninth year for evian® to partner with a fashion designer on a limited edition bottle. Wang’s design features two contrasting bottles with the brand’s barcode logo, one in black and one in white. The purity of evian® is emphasized through clean graphics and highlighted by the play of the lines on the bottle.

Wang comments that the inspiration came from the desire to

create clean, architectural lines that have a purity and simplicity to them, and at the same time also interact with the reflection and the dynamic of the water.
The barcode logo is something that we have applied in different ways in our own collections, and we wanted to put it into a new context with this bottle. It plays with the idea of branding; a barcode is a recognisable way of identification, and we mixed that with the Alexander Wang logo and strong graphics.
It became a kind of logo-barcode hybrid, with the lines also giving the impression that the logo is ‘dripping down’.

The Limited Edition Evian x Alexander Wang bottle is available at select leading supermarkets nationwide and globally.

Image courtesy of Evian.