Love It or Hate It: Alexander Wang's Attica Bag
11 October 2016

Love It or Hate It: Alexander Wang’s Attica Bag

I must say that I was rather surprised to find out that Alexander Wang designed this Attica bag which seems rather Kelly-esque. I mean, to me, this really doesn’t measure up to Wang’s usual edgier aesthetic – what happened to that more rugged and youthful vibe that had become known as his signature style? I guess every now and again he tries to dabble with a more office-appropriate, Lady Chic kinda style, but as proved by his Pelican satchel (remember that one from approximately 3 years back?), his fans didn’t really warm up to that, and this is probably yet another of those attempts. I, for one, though, don’t like the bag because he’s capable of so much more, plus, this style is suggestive of an identity crisis that he’s probably experiencing. He really has to decide where he wants to situate his brand, and who we wants his target market to be because as a designer, one can’t please everyone. I mean, I am a Wang fan and this isn’t a personal jab at the designer himself, but it really doesn’t make sense to have an Adidas collab, and at the same time, a bag like this as well.  I have to say, though, I prefer him in his usual element, and by that, I mean a brand whose identity caters to a more street style kinda audience. I know that I didn’t like his Attica Chain satchel all that much either, but at least that was more Wang, y’know what I mean?

What are your thoughts?

Image via Alexander Wang