Alexander Wang's Attica Chain Satchels
8 August 2016

Alexander Wang’s Attica Chain Satchels

I am a HUGE Alexander Wang fan, well most of the time because I love the hardware on his bags. The studs on the feet of the Rocco, Rockie and Mini Rockie bags, despite heavy, are, to me, worth lugging around. Yes, as I’ve mentioned before, I sometimes (though not always!) do things #forthesakeoffashion. And then there’s his latest creation, the “Attica” series…

While the hardware on this latest line of bags, are of the chain link variety, this particular mini satchel (above) and satchel (below) are, well, totally DIY-able. I get that padlock details can be chic, even oversized ones that weigh almost a tonne (I’m exaggerating, of course, but you get the picture!) sold like hot cakes — remember the Chloe Paddington that was THE  It Bag for quite some time? Soon heavy but ugh, I totally loved that too! But this small-sized padlock dangling from that chain, is really tacky.  I mean, doesn’t it remind you of those chains that are used to secure those old-school grilles they used to use – though some still do, especially in the industrial areas – as a burglary deterrent? But really, if you like this style, save your moolah and just head on over to the hardware store, get a chain and padlock and attach it to your bag.

Images via Alexander Wang