Christian Louboutin's Loubitag Collection: The Shoes
14 November 2017

Christian Louboutin’s Loubitag Collection: The Shoes

It’s Toosday Shoesday once again, and today all you shoe lovers will definitely be excited about this one right here! Christian Louboutin has launched Loubitag – an entire collection of shoes and leather goods for both men and women that’s super fun.

Loubitag takes inspiration from what the designer himself is known for doing whenever he does personal appearances, by incorporating his own doodles and special secret notes to each client, because he is a firm believer in real human connection. And what better time to debut such a collection like this, which has been “25 years in the making”, in our increasingly self-obsessed and narcissistic world thanks to social media which gave birth to the selfie culture.

“Open Eyes, Open Heart…and Please, No Selfies!” ~Christian Louboutin, on the Loubitag collection ~






For those of you who know me, this is totally up my alley because I love illustrations and any sort of colourful artsy-fartsy doodles, and what more when they’re so colourful? As for which ones my favourites are, well, they’re both the flats and the heel with the wraparound lace-up tie details! *insert heart eyes emoji here* Love love love!! 

Stay tuned for the men’s and women’s bags from the Loubitag collection right here on the blog, next week

Images via Christian Louboutin