Andrea Bergart's Spalding Basketball Bag
6 February 2019

Andrea Bergart’s Spalding Basketball Bag

It was probably Instagram that gave rise to a group of high net-worth individuals who were nicknamed “RKOI” (Rich Kids of Instagram), or called “ballers”. Artist Andrea Bergart takes the idea of baller to a whole new level, literally so. Bergart grew up playing sports, particularly soccer, volleyball, and basketball. With a love for ball sports, coupled with her inclination towards streetwear, her creative juices began flowing. The result? She created a basketball bag, made from yup, real basketballs.

Sold on a made-to-order basis, these bags come with gold hardware, a zip-top closure, double top handles, and an adjustable leather shoulder strap. Lined with cotton, you can virtually have your very own basketball bag, in whatever brand you desire: Spalding, Wilson, Mikasa, Kuangmi, and even Jordans, the OG Basketball Bag retails at $960 a pop. Oh and if you’re a soccer, rugby/American football fan, you can get bags made of those too, for the same price. With bags like these, you don’t have to be a billionaire to be a baller. 😉

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Image via Andrea Bergart