Watches Wednesday: Zenith DEFY Classic Carbon
18 November 2020

Watches Wednesday: Zenith DEFY Classic Carbon

Zenith‘s DEFY Collection has a new addition: the DEFY Classic Carbon. Fully constructed in carbon fibre, yes, even the bracelet, which has been particularly difficult for even the finest watchmakers to construct. To date, the carbon fibre watch bracelets have either been superficial plaques made from composite material fixed to a metal based, or reserved for ultra complicated timepieces, and produced in very small quantities. Zenith therefore defies (haha, see what we did there? ;)) watchmaking traditions with each link of the bracelet made from solid carbon fibre on the automatic DEFY Classic Carbon watch. The result is almost that of a camouflage-patterned strap, due to the ways in which carbon fibre has been milled and moulded, thus making each piece unique, as the natural layers of carbon fibre can differ.

Zenith Defy Classic

Known for its ultra lightweight, this carbon timepiece, is paired with yet another super light but resilient metal, titanium, and together, the entire timepiece weighs a mere 65 grams in total – half the weight of the Defy Classic model in titanium – making this open-worked skeleton watch almost weightless on the wrist.


Images courtesy of Zenith