Watches Wednesday: Piaget Shines Spotlight on the Limelight Gala Timepieces
15 April 2020

Watches Wednesday: Piaget Shines Spotlight on the Limelight Gala Timepieces

All events, including Watches and Wonders may be cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but as they say, the show must go on. At such watch trade fairs, where we get to see the amazing novelties and creations all these watch manufactures have come up with, what’s traditionally considered as “men’s watches” (though I personally don’t like this term because they’re so unisex, and truth be told, I prefer them a whole lot more) are usually the norm. This year, however, Piaget has changed things up on this front, and instead, shines the spotlight on one of its ladies models, the Limelight Galastealing the show altogether.

Piaget Patrimony Timepiece 1973

With distinctive undulating curves, oval shaped case with asymmetrical lugs that extend from each side of the case onto the bracelet, the Limelight Gala takes inspiration from the 1973 Patrimony timepiece. The 2020 edition of the Limelight Gala timepieces have the same curvaceous silhouette, but this time around, with delicate gemstones, elaborate dials, and opulent gold bracelets. The design philosophy behind the 4 new pieces reflect Piaget’s pillars of excellence, namely, The Art of Gold, The Art of Colour, and The Art of Movement. 

The Art of Gold is a celebration of the signature design of the Limelight Gala collection. This version comes with a hand-engraved bracelet and dial that are embellished with large diamonds and sapphires set in an ombré effect, from white and frosty blue, to cornflower, and the deepest shade of sapphire blue; all of which are set by hand using the new open worked gem-setting Serti Descendu technique, which creates the illusion of an invisible setting.

Piaget Palace Decor Savoir Faire Artisan Hand Engraving Limelight Gala Bracelet

Requiring the artistry of a chain smith (the equivalent of “première” who is the head of the Haute Couture atelier), the artisan begins with hundreds of gold links which will be tightly assembled, and the miniature links soldered. The end result would be a supple bracelet, and in this case, in white gold. The artisan will then painstakingly hand-engrave the bracelet in the Palace Décor style, which is one of Piaget’s most iconic motifs which requires many hours of meticulous workmanship – an almost impossible feat, unless you’re one of the handful of artisans in Piaget’s “Workshop of Extraordinary Creations”.  The dial is then covered in translucent blue enamel, achieved only by the multiple oven-fire process with a temperature over 800°C, thus giving it its name, the “Grand Feu” Enamel, to match the gradient effect stones.

Piaget Limelight Gala Limited Edition White Gold Palace Decor Watch Blue Sapphire White Gold 32mm


50 years on since its debut in 1973, it’s truly the epitome of an iconic timepiece. This Art of Gold Limelight Gala 32mm timepiece is a Numbered Limited Edition


Images courtesy of Piaget