21 February 2018

Watches Wednesday: The New Santos De Cartier

Cartier recently unveiled a new version of the Santos de Cartier timepiece at Salon International de Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) last month. Created in 1904 for the aviator Santos-Dumont, the Santos was the first modern wristwatch that has stood the test of time. A true Cartier icon that’s closely associated with the Maison, along with the Panther.


New Santos de Cartier


Cartier retains the square face with the eight bezel screws of the original: its angular shape is a nod to the four angular corners of the Eiffel Tower, while the screws pay homage to mechanical steel structures associated with the golden age of urban architecture. While these elements remain unchanged, the bezel is now sleeker, with cleaner lines that showcase the case and the strap.

New Santos de Cartier Bracelet Strap

The new Santos now comes with steel, gold, calfskin, or alligator – all of which are easily interchangeable thanks to the concealed Cartier Quickswitch mechanism. What’s more, you don’t even have to go to the boutique anymore to get your bracelet strap lengthened or shortened. The Maison’s SmartLink self-fitting technology allows you to adjust the metal bracelet to the nearest link, without the use of any tools! Up to 100m water resistance, the New Santos is fitted with the calibre 1847 MC anti-magnetic nickel phosphorous components which makes your watch resistant to any powerful magnetic fields that it may be exposed to while wearing it.

New Santos de Cartier New Santos de Cartier New Santos de Cartier New Santos de Cartier

Although this new Santos de Cartier is supposed to be for men because it’s only available in the Large and Medium sizes only, but as ya’ll know, I love my chunky watches, so this is something I’d totally wear, despite its size. That said, however, I’d probably only wear the leather strap versions, instead of the metal bracelet ones, simply because it’s more rugged and it tends to look better on me rather than watches with bracelet straps. My favourite out of all the models is definitely the skeleton (my weakness!), followed by the pink gold face with leather strap.

Do you prefer the new Santos to the current ones?

Images courtesy of Cartier