Watches Wednesday: New Additions To Bell & Ross's Diamond Eagle Collection
13 June 2018

Watches Wednesday: New Additions To Bell & Ross’s Diamond Eagle Collection

In 2016, Bell & Ross launched one of my favourite watches from the brand, the BR S Diamond Eaglefor women. In a gorgeous shade of midnight blue, diamonds on the dial twinkled, forming the Eagle Constellation, or Aquila.

Bell Ross BRS Diamond Eagle Dial

This year, the Maison builds upon the success of the original model, and turns it into an entire family. How delighted I was indeed when I found out that there will be another 3 new additions, in white, grey, and pink. Why these particular colours? Well, that’s because they’re said to be symbolic of the heavens. Grey represents the moon, white is reminiscent of fluffy clouds, and pink recalls the sky at sunrise and sunset, as well as the supernovae, which produce a pink halo when they explode.

Bell Ross BRS Pink Mesh Diamond Eagle

Bell Ross BRS White Ceramic Diamond Eagle

Just like its predecessor, these new versions of the 39mm timepiece are available in 2 variations: a simple one with a “Constellation” dial adorned with tiny diamonds that are arranged in such a manner that they form the Eagle Constellation, and the diamond variant, with 66 diamonds set on the bezel. There’s also the option of different straps: the blue and pink come with an alligator straps, while the grey and white come in satin-finished calfskin. Should you prefer a bracelet-typed of strap, you can either opt for the the metal Milanese mesh steel bracelet strap, or a ceramic mesh on rubber for the white edition.

Though I’m a huge fan of pink, I have to say that I still prefer the original in that deep shade of blue because it reminds me of the midnight sky, which, to me, bears more significance, especially in this case, where constellations are concerned 😉


Images courtesy of Bell & Ross