Watches Wednesday: Bulgari's Serpenti #TwistYourTime
22 August 2018

Watches Wednesday: Bulgari’s Serpenti #TwistYourTime

Today’s edition of Watches Wednesday features a timepiece that I’ve found myself being drawn to time and time again: Bulgari‘s Serpenti #TwistYourTime. Though not a new model as it was launched earlier this year, I’ve nonetheless decided that it deserves a dedicated post on its own.

Those of you who know me and are familiar with my style, you’d know that I always veer towards chunkier watches, and oftentimes, prefer men’s watches over ladies; in fact, this is the sole reason why I didn’t subdivide the Watches category on the site into “mens” and “ladies”. So, the fact that I’m actually really loving this is dainty and more elegant Serpenti #TwistYourTime watch, says a lot. Actually, it speaks volumes, because I’m also one who has never been a fan of Bulgari’s Serpenti range of watches. Nope, not the bendable Serpenti Tubogas, and the not even the blinged-out “secret watches” from the high jewellery collections.

Bulgari Serpenti #TwistYourTime

The Serpenti #TwistYourTime is available in 2 lengths, or what I call the double tour, and the quad tour, with a strap that goes round your wrist either twice, or four times, respectively. Each of these models come with a 27mm lacquered dial or a mother-of-pearl dial if you opt for the white version, with a curved case in either 18k rose gold, white gold, or gold, set with diamonds. Strap-wise, you can either choose between brushed metallic calfskin, or my preferred choice, the karung leather bracelet because it gives off a more luxurious vibe. If you aren’t a fan of a tone-on-tone dial that matches the colour of your strap, you can also further customise your timepiece by replacing it with different coloured straps of your choice. I have to admit that ordering different coloured straps for my timepieces has become something that I’m obsessed with doing, often collecting so many different coloured straps to match different outfits. Yep, a firm advocate of either going matchy-matchy or colour-blocking with outfits right here!

My favourite would definitely have to be the red or the green double tour with the karung strap. Oh but one thing I would like even more, is that if this watch came with automatic movement , instead of quartz.


Images: Bulgari