Hermès Médor Watch
11 December 2014

Hermès Médor Watch

You might not know this, because I don’t really write about accessories, but I’m a HUGE fan of  Médor accessories, especially the Collier de Chien cuff and Kelly dog cuff (but not the double tour bracelets, enamel bangles or Clic-Clacs). Anyway, designer accessories will be incorporated to this blog in the near future (so stay tuned!) because I’m expanding the scope of my blog to include other items of the luxury lifestyle. In case you haven’t already noticed, I’m already starting to incorporate luxury watches and fine jewellery.

First created in 1993, the Medor watch, like the CDC cuff, was inspired by …. surprise, surprise, a dog collar. The use of the dog collar, which were initially designed for hunting purposes in the 1930s, was adapted into a belt, and then of course, with this watch, the wrist. When I learnt about the Medor watch, and how watch-face was concealed behind the three-dimensional Clous de Paris pyramid-shaped stud, you can imagine how gleeful I was! I mean, I found the actual Hermès Médor cuff, a little too plain, not as chunky as I would’ve liked. This  Médor watch is certainly an instance of fashion and function all in one, and one that I like, nay, LOVE. Call it a watch masquerading as a bracelet if you will, but I call this wrist candy!

Available in 2 sizes (Mini or PM) the Médor watch comes with either with gold or steel pyramid studs, you could up the luxe factor by choosing either the gem-set edges or go for the super-luxe version with completely paved with diamonds.

Images courtesy of Hermes Timepieces Starhill Gallery