Louis Vuitton Vivienne Holiday Animation 2021 Limited Edition SLGs

Louis Vuitton is back with another Vivienne animation for the Holiday season. This year, we see a pink or blue Vivienne holidaying in London, China,…

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Louis Vuitton x Fornasetti Capsule Collection

Louis Vuitton x Fornasetti Fall/Winter 2021 Capsule

We've always been Fornasetti fans, so when we heard about the Louis Vuitton x Fornasetti Capsule, we were stoked! We love Fornasetti's quirk and…

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Removing Odours From Louis Vuitton Bags Tutorial

3 Simple Steps To Removing Odours From Your Louis Vuitton Bags

Odours in Louis Vuitton bags seem to be a common problem, and from what we've heard, a lot of you have trouble removing the odours from the bag's…

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Louis Vuitton Maison Vivienne Monogram Canvas Dollhouse

Louis Vuitton's Maison Vivienne Dollhouse

It's one thing to have grown up with an entire Sylvanian Families dollhouse when we were little, but this Malle Maison Vivienne Dollhouse that's…

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Louis Vuitton x NBA Crossbody Basketball Unisex Bag

Louis Vuitton's NBA Basketball Bag

You've seen Andrea Bergart's Spalding Basketball Bag. Now, Louis Vuitton has partnered with NBA and have created a basketball bag of their own for…

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Louis Vuitton Papillon Trunk Monogram Canvas Black Epi Leather

Louis Vuitton's Papillon Trunk

Ah! For many, Louis Vuitton's Papillon handbag may have been the very first luxury purchase. This iconic bolster-/cylindrical- shaped bag without any…

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LVMH, Prada Group and Richemont Implement Blockchain Tech, & Chanel to Get Rid of Authenticity Cards?

Hm, will the latest in blockchain tech be replacing Entrupy ? You've probably already heard the news about LVMH, Richemont and the Prada Group…

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Louis Vuitton 2021 Unicef Bear and Silver Lockit Bracelets 2021

Louis Vuitton for UNICEF Silver Lockit Bracelets and Doudou Louis Bear

Louis Vuitton is back with yet another UNICEF collaboration. Yep, for the 2021 edition you'd find the same silver Lockit Bracelets, except this time,…

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Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer Cabas

Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer Capsule Collection

Louis Vuitton is back with yet another artist collaboration! Amongst the previous collabs, my favourites would have to be the ones with Yayoi…

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Bags and Body Types

How To Choose The Right Bag For Your Body Type: A Definitive Guide

You may have been faced with the situation where you really love a particular bag so much that you're determined to score yourself one, but after…

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