Bottega Veneta's Beaded Mini Jodie Bag

The Mini Jodie has been Bottega Veneta's most sought after bags to date. This season, as part of its Wardrobe 04 Collection, this Bottega takes the…

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Bottega Veneta Matte Rubber Arco Tote

Bottega Veneta's Matte Rubber Arco Bag

Following in the footsteps of the  Arco Bag  which made its debut in 2019, Bottega Veneta introduces the new Matte Rubber Arco as part of the new…

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Bottega Veneta Structure Clutch Mystic Deep Purple

Bottega Veneta's Structure Clutch

Bottega Veneta debuts the new Structure Family in the new Salon 02 Collection (i.e. Fall/Winter 2021). The latest Structure Clutch is an…

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Bottega Veneta Mount Envelope and Mount Bermuda Bags

Bottega Veneta's Mount Envelope and Mount Bermuda Bags

Bottega Veneta has launched the new Mount Envelope and Mount Bermuda bags from the Wardrobe 02 collection. At first glance, it may seem a little…

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Bottega Veneta Salon Wedge Lagoon Blue Salon 01 Collection

Toosday Shoesday: Bottega Veneta Sandal Wedge

Bottega Veneta's new Sandal Wedge from the Salon 01 (Spring/Summer 2021) collection is a reinterpretation of their iconic silhouettes of The Bloc and…

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Bottega Veneta The Point Bubble Boucle Bag

Bottega Veneta's "The Point" Bag

If you're thinking that this Bottega Veneta bag looks a little familiar, yep, they first released this nappa leather  bag with a magnetic frame top…

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Bottega Veneta The Beak Bag Spring Summer 2021

Bottega Veneta's Beak Bag for Spring/Summer 2021

Daniel Lee at Bottega Veneta has been naming the seasonal collections, and the latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection is now known as the Salon 01…

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Bottega Veneta The Tote Wardrobe 01 Collection Mens Bag

Bottega Veneta Introduces The Tote from the Wardrobe 01 Collection

Bottega Veneta has introduced a new tote as part of the Wardrobe 01 Collection. Known as The Tote, we first saw this on the runway as part of the…

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Bottega Veneta The Bulb Bag Wardrobe 01 Collection

Bottega Veneta's "The Bulb" Bag from the Wardrobe 01 Collection

Bottega Veneta introduces a new drawstring shoulder bag known as The Bulb as part of its Wardrobe 01 (Pre-Spring 2021) collection. Though when placed…

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Bottega Veneta Wardrobe 01 Pre Spring 2021 The Clip Shoulder Bag

Bottega Veneta's Introduces "The Clip" Bag From the Wardrobe 01 Collection

For their latest Wardrobe 01 Collection (or what is usually known as the Pre-Spring or Resort collection), Bottega Veneta introduces a new shoulder…

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