Prada's Valentine's Day Collection
10 February 2012

Prada’s Valentine’s Day Collection

While in KLCC 2 days ago, I headed over to Prada to check out their Valentine’s Day collection because I knew that the theme was hearts; hearts are something that I love, in the same way that I love studs and bows. So over and into Prada I hopped, to check out their V Day Collection.

Upon entry into the store, I learnt that the Valentine’s Day collection wasn’t at all on display anywhere within the store so I asked the SA, and she brought the items out for me to have a look at. And I while I loved the studded heart wallets, I was a little surpassed to find the same heart print from last year being used again.  The only exception? That this year, along with the black and white, it’s also available in fuchsia.

Major love for this wallet, and in case you are wondering whether I actually bought this (as some of you have asked me via my Twitter and Instagram), well, I didn’t because I’m not a fan of continental (long) wallets.

iPad sleeves
iPhone cases RM580

And my absolute favourite item from the collection, this Sling bag/wallet on chain with a key charm and detachable chain strap so it actually doubles as a clutch.

Loving this Sling bag/wallet on chain



Interior view

A favourite item of mine it might be, but this would not be available in Malaysia, boohoo. It’s available in Singapore though!

To sum up, Prada takes the crown for the best Valentine’s Day collection this year (well for me anyway). True, they might have repeated the same heart motif, but it’s the studded heart detail that melted my heart!

Note: Prada’s Valentine’s Day collection will be available EXCLUSIVELY at KLCC. These items would not be available at Pavilion, even though it’s the flagship. Also, the items are not available for purchase just yet because they’re still waiting for their next delivery to arrive. I wanted to get the pink iPhone case but they told me that it isn’t for sale yet because they only have 1 piece, and they need to keep it for their V Day display. You’d still be able to take a look at the collection though when you visit the store — just ask the SA and they’ll be more than happy to show you the items! ;D

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