Introducing: Dior Mania
25 September 2014

Introducing: Dior Mania

While it may sound like a chronic disease of sorts, Dior Mania is not a term that is used to refer to someone with a serious Dior obsession. Instead, it’s Dior’s latest range of SLGs (small leather goods), or well, wallets in particular.

Not only do we refer to the brand these days simply as Dior by conveniently leaving out “Christian”, the founder’s first name, but we’ve been also become so accustomed to the D-I-O-R logo that we seemed to have forgotten that this was the original Christian Dior logo looked exactly like this. This Dior Mania collection, is therefore significant to me, because not only does the Maison go back to its roots, but it’s also symbolically a tribute to Monsieur Christian Dior himself.

The Dior Mania collection is available in 2 sizes above, in 4 colours each: black, red, and bi-colour pink with red and blue with black. The small wallet retails at RM 2,150 while the continental long wallet is going for RM 2,900. Both styles are available at the Dior boutique, Star Hill.

Images courtesy of Dior