Gucci's Valentine's Day Collection
30 January 2012

Gucci’s Valentine’s Day Collection

So Hearts Day is just around the corner, and all you guys who read this blog, perhaps you might be able to find something from Gucci’s Valentine’s Collection, items of which are already in stores. And to all the ladies reading this, here are some gift ideas you can hint about to your significant others, but well, don’t hint too subtly because we all know that (most) guys need everything spelt out for them, because men don’t usually catch hints anyway. 😉 You’ll also be delighted to hear that I have stated the prices for all the items below, and there is definitely something for every budget!



Leather belt with embossed GG monogram and Heart Logo: RM 1,470
Monogrammed Canvas Belt with red leather trims and Heart GG logo: RM 1,370
Phone Charm, RM 250
Leather Tote with Embossed Monogram and Heart Tag, RM 9,910
RM 8,260
for the smaller size
Logo jacquard Tote with red leather trims and heart tag: RM 5,990
Long wallet RM 1,890


RM 1,640
RM 1,720


RM 1,570


Mirror with GG embossed leather case: RM 1,180
Heart Charm: RM660
GG embossed leather phone strap with Heart detail RM 340
RM 1,520


Wallet on Chain RM 2,140


Cosmetic pouch RM 780


Cosmetic Pouch in logo jacquard RM 780

Have you picked your favourite item yet? Share your favourite!

Images courtesy of Gucci