Dior Introduces Monsieur Dior Signature Series For Men
16 July 2015

Dior Introduces Monsieur Dior Signature Series For Men

For the guys who’ve always asked me to blog more about men’s bags and accessories, you’re in for a treat, because that’s what today’s blogpost is all about!

Dior Homme will be releasing a new line of leather goods for the men as a part of the Winter 2015 collection! Called the “Ligne Signature” series, take your pick between small leather goods (card holders and wallets in 3 different sizes) or briefcases that come either in black or burgundy calfskin. This new range comes with Monsieur Dior’s signature (either in navy or red) that is heat-embossed onto the the leather. What a privilege it is to have the founder’s signature on your Dior piece!

Large wallet
Medium wallet


Card Holder


Small Wallet

Now I’m really hoping they put the designer’s signature on women’s leather goods too! Just imagine how classy it would look with Monsieur Dior’s signature (in bolder colours of course) stamped onto one of the corner’s of a women’s bag?

Images courtesy of Dior