Christmas Gift Idea #6: Prada Keyfobs & SLGs For Men & Women
23 December 2011

Christmas Gift Idea #6: Prada Keyfobs & SLGs For Men & Women

Isn’t it refreshing that Prada isn’t doing the whole usual Holiday colour scheme – yeah you know what I’m talking about, those Christmassy colours like Red, Green and White – and opting instead for candy coloured brights that’s more Spring/Summer than Christmas?

iPad cases, USB key fobs, iPhone cases, and various other key fobs and SLGs

I have to say that Prada always delivers every year, especially for the Holiday-edition items, and there is no other brand that I am more excited about in the lead-up to Christmas than Prada (and I always get something from their Christmas collection too!). 2 years ago, I regretted not getting a bi-toned wallet which was Black saffiano leather on the outside, and fuchsia on the inside. I have been kicking myself in the behind ever since, because they don’t produce it in that colour anymore, and I am still trying my luck, especially when traveling overseas, but to no avail. And you know what, believe me when I tell you that I am probably not the only Prada Holiday collection fan out there, because they sell out really fast! Oh, and only few pieces of each style and colour are available.

This year, Prada’s focus for this collection is Saffiano leather, particularly SLGs, as you might have already noticed from the photo above. This collection comprises key fobs, USB key fobs, iPad and phone cases, wallets and money clips for the guy, and envelope purses and travel accessories for the woman.

First up, the key fobs with a a very noticeable Christmas theme going on — drums (think “Little Drummer Boy”), the Nutcraker, rocking horses, a rag doll, and choo-choo-trains.

Holiday 2011 key fobs GBP 90-100

And OMG, isn’t this just the cutest key fob ever? Meet “Trick” the butterfly – she may be a trickster, but I’ll give her props for disguising it well for how could a pretty little pink butterfly be anything but?

Next up, the envelope purses… Yes, this was what I got from Prada’s Holiday 2011 collection, and if you’re thinking I must have bought one in pink, you’re wrong! Mmhmm, you must be gasping in shock now aren’t you? Believe me, I was surprised at my choice too (I chose blue by the way)! It wasn’t until the Prada SA as well as a friend of mine who had convinced me that since all my SLGs are pink (and Prada too! lol) why not get something in a different colour? So there you have it, with 2 people convincing me, how could I not succumb right? Anyway, these are great to use either for your passport or when you have a slightly roomy bag and can’t fit your wallet in. These envelope purses are nice and slim and even has a zip at the back, and retails for RM 1,200 each while the zippered saffiano purse on the right which comes in all the same candy colours as the envelope retails for RM 1,100

My decision on what to get from the Holiday Collection came down to the envelope purse (which I eventually bought) and this document holder, which, in my opinion, may also be used as a clutch. And if I were to have purchased this, I would undoubtedly have bought the pink (it comes in classic black too if you’re not a fan of the bright colours that you see below). Probably the only reason why I didn’t get this is because of the elastic band that goes around the SLG as I thought that it would be too much of a hassle if I were to use this as a clutch, with the fussing over of the elastic band when trying to retrieve something from my clutch during events with champagne in another hand. Yes, although the elastic band is completely removable it would look too plain without it so I got the envelope instead.

Interior view. Retail price RM 2,200

And now, something for the guys…

Wallet, Money Clip and Card Case

The card case isn’t available yet, but the wallet and money clip, which are supposed to be exclusive for Holiday 2011, will now carry over into the classic Men’s SLG line (or so I’m told by the SA). If I’m not mistaken, the money clip is around RM 700+ and the Wallet is RM1,1150 or something like that.

If there are any items here you see that you like, hurry on over to Prada STAT, because the last time I was there (2 weeks ago), I only saw the envelope left in a few colours (the others were sold out).

All images via Prada Online