Loewe Christmas 2011 Collection In Stores Now!
2 December 2011

Loewe Christmas 2011 Collection In Stores Now!

For the Holiday 2011 season, Loewe has collaborated with set designer and illustrator Gary Card to create animated circus themed window displays. To create the displays, Gary uses Loewe’s cardboard packaging boxes to form lions, jack-in-the-boxes, clowns, elephants and bunnies, which showcase Loewe’s fabulous Christmas gift ideas ranging from men’s accessories, to bags and small leather goods!

However, only selected items from Loewe’s Holiday 2011 collection will be available in Malaysia — at this point I know most of you are going “boohoo”, just like I did, when I found out that the pretty candy coloured wallets would not be gracing our shores. It would be cruel to taunt you with what ISN’T going to be available here, so I won’t be showing you all the items in Loewe’s Holiday 2011 collection. Instead, I’ll only feature the items that WILL be available in KL.

An elephant carrying the shoulder bags on his trunk! Love the sorbet colours, don’t you?
Printed Wallets and pouches made of satin. I’m loving the one with the butterfly motif!
Magician pulling out Loewe ties from his hat

Apart from Gary, photographer Matthew Donaldson is the other person who is collaborating with Loewe on this project. Matthew has not only photographed Gary’s sculptures for the Loewe’s Holiday 2011 catalogue, but also directed the video in which he creates an animation, bringing these sculptures to life, by readjusting and repositioning Gary’s cardboard animal and circus-themed creations and photographing them frame by frame (called stop-motion animation) and editing them into a montage sequence, much like director Tim Burton’s films created out of plasticine characters (think “Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Corpse Bride”, etc). Enjoy the animation below!


Images and video courtesy of Loewe