FENDI's Bijou Baguette
29 March 2021

FENDI’s Bijou Baguette

FENDI has launched the new Bijou Baguette: a duo of soft crocheted-esque small (non-leather) accessories that have been inducted into the iconic Baguette family. Though now part of the same family,  these tiny cuties are not to be confused with the Baguette because it doesn’t in any way resemble the iconic bag.

Fendi Bijou Baguette White Beaded Phone Holder

Instead, one is a vertical phone holder with a skinny chain strap and  timeless flip-top clasp on a thin gold frame (think modified granny purse closure), while the other is a coin purse (also with the timeless clasp), which can be stashed in your bag, or attached onto your bag’s exterior as an accessory, by way of the hook it comes with.

These Bijou Baguettes are available in baby blue, pink, red, or neon yellow.


Images courtesy of FENDI