True Story: What Happens When You Accidentally Soak Your Prada SLG In aBucket....?
25 April 2016

True Story: What Happens When You Accidentally Soak Your Prada SLG In aBucket….?

 Today’s blogpost is slightly different from the usual, because I thought I’d share a true story today. A couple of weeks ago, my friend left her Prada Saffiano leather card holder in her dress pocket, forgot about it, and dumped it in the wash. She soaked her dress in a bucket full of water overnight…  *cue gasps, sobs, and sharp intakes of breath*

And, this was the result….

So she hung the card holder to dry, this was the post-drying result… It’s one wrinkly Prada card holder no doubt. 

Wrinkly battle wounds aside, I say that this card holder did pretty well. There was no discolouration on either the leather, or tarnishing on the hardware. But what’s more amazing is the fact that it didn’t shrink at all and still held its shape! I was really pleasantly surprised when I heard (and saw!) this, and realised that this was really a testament to Prada’s quality – from the leather dyes used, to the sturdy and resilient Saffiano leather. I mean, I’ve always made it a point to make sure that my SLGs are from the brand’s Saffiano leather range because it is rather scratch-resistant, especially when tossed into your bag along with other contents like keys, and what-have-yous. But now, I’m even more impressed than ever when it comes to the the brand’s quality because you certainly get what you pay for! Having said that, I am not in any way suggesting that you soak your Saffiano SLG in a bucket of water overnight either, because what happened to my friend was purely accidental. And disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post. 

Images courtesy of a friend of Bag Addicts Anonymous