Dior x Anslem Reyle Capsule Collection
27 December 2011

Dior x Anslem Reyle Capsule Collection

Image Source: Frieze

German artist Anslem Reyle has collaborated with Dior on a capsule collection that is a fusion of both the House of Dior as well as the artist’s work and influence. Taking Dior icons such as the Lady Dior and Miss Dior, the artist transforms Dior’s signature Cannage motif into a slanted upward tilted Cannage. 

Known for his use of bright flourescent colours in his artwork and sculptures he integrates that into this collaboration with the use of contrast coloured flourescent topstitching against patent and metallic leathers, along with camouflage with a mix of bold, vibrant colours. As for Anslem Reyle endorses this collection with his usual graphic signature stamp: the coloured triangles that you see that are hung together with the hanging D-I-O-R charms. 

The collection comprises not only bags, but also jewellery as well as sunglasses and SLGs. I don’t know if the usual Dior customers would actually like this because it is not your usual “Lady Chic” vibe that Dior has become synonymous with. Instead, this collaboration offers a bright pop and burst of colour, that could be popular with the younger crowd due to its fun and playful nature. But as for me, it definitely breathes new life into Dior, and I especially love the camouflage Boston (last pic above). 

Images courtesy of Dior