Watch Ferragamo's Fairy Tale "White Shoe" in FULL Right Here!
3 January 2014

Watch Ferragamo’s Fairy Tale “White Shoe” in FULL Right Here!

I know this ain’t a shoe blog, but I just loved this short film entitled White Shoe based on founder Salvatore Ferragamo’s early life, and created specially for Ferragamo’s “The Amazing Shoemaker” exhibit that at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence.

The Museo describes the exhibition as “The form of stories and films for children and adults, fairy tales are invading our imagination. As if now, more than ever, there was the need to address through the paths mysterious fantasy and dream the solutions, the answers to the set of moral questions, doubts and problems that plague our times. It is in times of crisis that presents itself increases the need to fantasize with imagination and overcome obstacles and fears. It is a universal necessity since this instinct is paramount. That is why fairy tales are considered inexhaustible reservoir of our archetypes, of our primitive experiences.”

Sit back and enjoy this fantastical shoe adventure that is based on fact! 😉

And did you know that the young Salvatore Ferragamo was the first to create shoes for Hollywood actors back in the day?

For an in-depth behind-the-scenes look  head on over to the dedicated “White Shoe” site!