Toosday Shoesday: Versace's Squalo Sneaker for SS20
19 May 2020

Toosday Shoesday: Versace’s Squalo Sneaker for SS20

The Squalo Sneaker is Versace‘s latest addition to the sneakers family. “Squalo” in Italian, means “shark”, and since the design of the sneaker is inspired by the Great White Shark, particularly the shape of the shark’s jaws, imagined as the triple triangular peaks you see at the bottom of the shoe – and that’s how the sneaker gets its moniker. But how then, is it something that is distinctively Versace? Well, besides the brand’s logo on the tongue, and also Gianni Versace signature on some models, there’s also a hidden Medusa in the outsole.

Versace Squalo Sneaker SS20 Colourblock

Versace Squalo Sneaker SS20 Colour block Blue White

For the Spring/Summer 2020 season, the unisex Squalo sneaker comes in colour-blocked variations in a mix of materials and textures such as suede, technical mesh, and leather, as well as in more flamboyant prints such as the iconic jungle print, Barocco print, and Animalier for the more adventurous peeps out there! 😉

Versace Squalo Sneaker SS20 Jungle Print

Versace Squalo Sneaker SS20 White Technical Mesh

The Squalo picks up on the dad sneaker trend that’s still making waves, and though a little chunky, they’re still completely unisex!


Images courtesy of Versace