Toosday Shoesday: Salvatore Ferragamo Introduces Viva Pumps
31 March 2020

Toosday Shoesday: Salvatore Ferragamo Introduces Viva Pumps

Salvatore Ferragamo introduces its new iconic shoe, the Viva Pump, which is essentially, a pointy-toed tone-on-tone version of the signature Vara shoes. The Viva comes with a new sculpted block form heel, and like any Ferragamo signature, also has the Vara bow, except now, the bow is larger than the original version in grosgrain, and constructed of the same material as the entire shoe, regardless whether denim, leather, or linen canvas.

To be given the opportunity to design a new generation of Ferragamo shoe is both an honour we took extremely seriously. The starting point was the realisation that while each new generation is distinct, individual and shaped by its team, every new generation also begins in a context created by that which came before it. That is why we have embraced and reimagined the signature emblem of arguably Ferragamo’s most iconic shoe – the grosgrain bow on the Vara – and built an entirely new and modern design around it.

The bow is larger and more assertive than the grosgrain original and is constructed of the same material as the rest of the shoe – be it leather, denim or linen canvas. I took inspiration from my favourite artist, Richard Serra, as I modernised the heel as a sculptural block form. Viva is an encapsulation of Ferragamo’s future, one that is inclusive, dynamic and progressive. It is also rooted in the best of what we as a family artisanal house have long worked to be ~ Creative Director Paul Andrew ~

Choose between classic or ruffled styles, and two heel heights (mid or low). You’ll be spoilt for choice because the Viva is available in approximately 60 variations.


Images and video courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo