Toosday Shoesday: Salvatore Ferragamo's Sarno Loafer
14 August 2018

Toosday Shoesday: Salvatore Ferragamo’s Sarno Loafer

Today’s edition of Toosday Shoesday is all about the loafer.

I’ve been on what I call “the great loafer hunt” for a good 6 months now, and I haven’t been able to find one that I actually like… until I saw this, that is. Initially, I was looking for a tasseled loafer to replace my Zanotti ones which I’ve worn to death, but to no avail. I don’t think I was being picky, but out of all the tasseled loafers I came across, they were either too stiff, to uncomfortable, or didn’t have much of that jazz vibe that I was looking for. In short, I’ve come to realise that nothing I come across would be like my Zanottis – they were irreplaceable. In fact, I’d almost given up on ever finding a loafer, and almost gave in and decided to get mules instead. Then, all these thoughts went out the window when I saw these Sarno loafers from Ferragamo‘s Fall/Winter 18 collection.

Ferragamo Sarno Loafers

Okay, though neither suede nor tasseled, and certainly without the jazz feels that I was looking for, these Sarno loafers fulfilled yet another of my great loves: studs. Yep, I’m referring to the black patent leather version of the loafer.  When I saw the studs on the iconic Ferragamo bow detail I decided that a rocker chic vibe was great as well! The House’s signature column heel detail, albeit only a very slight heel for the loafer, certainly makes the shoe a tad more feminine and elegant, no? As they all say, “it’s all in the details!” Oh and as for the metallic silver glitter version, I’d rock them as well because my other weakness when it comes to shoes, is that no matter how many colour ways there are available, if there’s silver in the mix, that would definitely be my go-to. “Great loafer hunt” sorted! Now, hurry up and transition into Fall already, so I can get my hands on this loafer!


Images courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo