3 April 2018

Toosday Shoesday: Louis Vuitton’s Archlight Sneaker

Welcome to yet another (sneaker) edition of Toosday Shoesday! I know I seem to be writing loads about kicks these days – I blame it on being hit by sneaker fever! – but I promise I’ll cover other sorts of shoes very soon! Today, though, it’s about Louis Vuitton‘s Archlight Sneaker from the Spring/Summer 18 fashion show collection, which makes a regular appearance in street style photos, on influencers, and fashion editors, including one of my favourites, Eva Chen.

Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker SS18

Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker SS18

This high-arched Vuitton sneaker (notice the “V” where the foot’s arch is supposed to be?) is supposed to be lightweight, hence its namesake, Archlight. I have to say, although I’ve been quite crazy about kicks nowadays, this Archlight Sneaker is what Vuitton calls a “futuristic sneaker”. To me, though, it’s what I call the futuristic dad sneaker because it has elements of both. I know that dad sneakers are totally “on trend” this season, but they’re just too, well, “blah” and slightly too masculine for my liking (yes, ironic I know, seeing as this is coming from someone who actually wears brogues and loafers, lol). Despite being cut low around the ankle for a “delicate, feminine touch”, as LV puts it, I don’t really find them all that feminine, I’m not a huge fan of that oversized tongue that’s cut so high because I can only imagine them cutting into the front of my ankle with each step I take. I’ve had the same issue with NMDs, but if you’re considering a pair of these Archlight Sneakers,  I’ve heard that they’re super comfortable.

Hm, all I can say is, I guess I’m more of a Golden Goose Deluxe Brand kinda gal. I’ve spoken some of my fashionable friends and some love it while others loathe it. What’s your stand? Is this a yay or nay for you?


Images via Louis Vuitton