Toosday Shoesday: Loewe's Flow Runner Sneaker
20 April 2021

Toosday Shoesday: Loewe’s Flow Runner Sneaker


Loewe Flow Runner Sneakers Group


This Spring/Summer 2021, Loewe debuts the new unisex Flow Runner Sneaker, which gets its name from its waved sole that spans across the length of the entire shoe and “flows” over the heel, under the sole and then wrapping itself over the front, in the middle, over the toes, atop the calf leather upper, padded nylon, and suede upper. Featuring a tri-colour sole and raw cut leather heel panel, the sides of the shoe also feature the appliqué L insignia from Loewe’s anagram logo, making it unmistakably Loewe.


Images courtesy of Loewe