Toosday Shoesday: Karl Lagerfeld Ikonik Espadrilles
1 May 2018

Toosday Shoesday: Karl Lagerfeld Ikonik Espadrilles

Even before Karlito’s FENDI debut, I’ve always liked Karl’s cartoon version of himself, though I can’t say much for Choupette because I’m not a cat person). He christened this range Ikonik, and no, it isn’t a typo, lol. I headed over to the Karl Lagerfeld website, because I was trying to locate a particular zip-top pouch/clutch that I was obsessed with, and while browsing the e-store, I stumbled upon this darling pair of espadrilles with yup, you guessed it, cartoon Karl on it.

Karl Lagerfeld Ikonik Espadrilles Black

Perhaps I’ve never mentioned this enough, but apart from loafers, flats, and sneakers, I’m also a sucker for espadrilles. So, when you’ve got Karl on espadrilles, that’s a winning combo right here. I have to say, though, that I would definitely prefer this in leather rather than canvas simply because it’s more comfy, but hey, at least the piping and Karl is in leather, not forgetting, Karl’s blinged out sunnies right here. Though it’s available in black or white, I’d go for the black because it’s harder to get it dirty, but more importantly, cartoon Karl stands out more, as opposed to his “hair” blending into the white.

Oh, and the thing that I find absolutely great about this pair of espadrilles, is that there’s a leather insole atop the rope on the inside, which makes it more comfy. Most of the time, this is the determining factor when I’m considering whether to purchase a pair of espadrilles, because I’ve bought those without any leather or canvas insole, and man, they’re so uncomfortable and sometimes, even give me blisters, yes, even those from luxury labels. So, no matter how pretty they may look, for me, no insole = no purchase.


Image via Karl Lagerfeld

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