Toosday Shoesday: Gucci's Basket Sneaker
6 July 2021

Toosday Shoesday: Gucci’s Basket Sneaker

Gucci has launched yet another new sneaker, Gucci Basket as part of the Ouverture collection. This time, it’s a high-top sneaker made from sustainable material with over 70% of materials for the upper are made from renewable resources. So why “basket”? Well, that’s because it gets its moniker from the street/basketball culture.

Designed to look like the high-top sneakers that basketball players wear on the court, the sneakers come with a distressed look, with bright pops of colour in a different materials, including blue soles, violet mesh tops, padded and ribbed orange backs, green laces, and fluorescent rubber trim showcasing the House motifs, including the GG loco on the tongues and outsides of the shoes. Available in 3 different colour and fabric combos, this Basket sneaker is our favourite sneaker from Gucci so far, the other, being the Ace sneaker.


Images courtesy of Gucci