Toosday Shoesday: FENDI FFreedom
19 March 2019

Toosday Shoesday: FENDI FFreedom

FENDI‘s latest FFreedom is an evolution of the sculptural shoes that we saw in their Fall/Winter 18 Couture Collection. Why “FFreedom”? Well, look closely and you’d notice the House’s FF logo right in front of the shoe, as part of the winged symbol – after all, nothing represents Freedom more than wings.

The craftsmanship, however, lies in its complex 3-dimensional squarish art deco-esque architectural heel. With a plain white sole colour-contrasted by a black finish which serves as a frame of sorts, it requires the masterful technique of a cordwainer. A technical material called the “framis”, traditionally used in the sports world, is applied through a heat-sealing process gives these precious jewel-toned satin pumps textured rubber lines that contribute to their three-dimensional look.

Pumps aside, the FFreedom also adorns sandals and pumps with a patchwork motif, in materials such as lycra and technical mesh in mono colour degradé tones, which are mixed and heat-sealed together. These patchwork pumps also sport a contrasting zig-zag embroidery which creates the illusion of a seam. And, for that ultimate sporty vibe, the the shoes also come with a removable FENDI branded ankle strap. The FFreedom collection offerings, extends to mules, heeled slingback, and sneakers, too!


Images courtesy of FENDI