Toosday Shoesday: Christian Louboutin's Multicolour Barbaclara Sandal
31 July 2018

Toosday Shoesday: Christian Louboutin’s Multicolour Barbaclara Sandal

I have to say that I’ve never really been a Christian Louboutin fan because I really don’t see the appeal *cue audible gasps*, and I really can’t understand what the fuss is about, especially with regards to his iconic Pigalle heel. I’ve tried them on, and I actually don’t find them comfy at all. Yep, I’m aware that all you Loubie fans out there would probably see that as an equivalent to me committing blasphemy, but hey, the man himself, in his documentary In Louboutin’s Shoes, admitted that his shoes really aren’t comfy, but women love them because they are engineered and designed to make women stand a particular way that accentuates the woman’s butt and boobs so that she looks and feels sexy. Well, personally, if I can’t stand or walk in them without my dignity intact, sorry Mr. Louboutin, I ain’t gonna buy your shoes.

Christian Louboutin Barbaclara 100 PVC Multicolor Sandal

That said, I found myself having to eat my own words, when I saw this particular pair of Barbaclara 100mm sandals from the latest Fall/Winter 18 collection. While I haven’t actually purchased them as yet, and this is one of the very few pairs of Loubies that I’m actually drawn to (well, aside from the studded loafers, that is). Made of PVC – I’m not usually fond of the material or any sort of transparent shoes due to breathability issues, as well as having a piece of PVC over the toes really isn’t appealing to me – I’m actually digging the clear perspex heel. It’s definitely the vibrant multicoloured trims that have a lot to do with how much I’m actually loving this pair of ankle-strap sandals.


Images via Christian Louboutin