Toosday Shoesday: Bally's Retro Sneakers For SS18
20 March 2018

Toosday Shoesday: Bally’s Retro Sneakers For SS18

From plimsolls and gym shoes, and football and golf shoes, Bally has done it all. In fact, Bally has been creating sneakers and sporting shoes since the 1930s, and is credited as the first to create the original designer sneaker.

And because throwbacks are all the rage right now (remember the vintage monogram bags?), Bally is also doing a flashback of its own by (re)introducing a Retro Sneaker collection as part of its Spring/Summer 18 offerings. These kicks include four of its most popular models from the past decades: the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Bally Super Smash Retro Sneaker SS18

First up, Bally’s most successful plimsoll from the 1960s, the Super Smash. Sporting the same red and blue circular patch logo as the original, the 2018 edition now comes with a vulcanised sole for greater comfort. While the canvas sneaks are exact replicas of the original, other variations of the Super Smash include leather derivations in black and white with metallic trimmings, as well as several high top styles with heart, lightning bolt and edelweiss details on the side. For men, it comes in the original low and high top canvas styles in black as well as leather lop top versions in black, white, and terra brown.

Bally Retro Sneaker Vita Parcours SS18

Next, the Vita-Parcours which originated in 1974, is a high top imbued with a more urban spirit. For 2018, Bally retains its most distinctive feature – the checkerboard motif, but adds a new sneaker sole, which you may recognise from the Heimberg collection. This pair of sneakers is available in its original form, as well as in other seasonal colours like ocean, curry, and snuff grey fro men, and ocean, and peach for women.

The Galaxy from 1983 is a combination of luxury suede and breathable canvas, with a sporty treaded sole. This was the Swiss brand’s original running shoe, and its lightest sneaker to date. Replicas of the original in garnet have been reproduced for both men and women, and along with it, two newer versions in Kodak yellow and black for men, and blush in canvas and suede, for women.

Bally Retro Sneaker Competition SS18

Last, but certainly not the least, is The Competiton. The 2018 model replicates the same shape, lining and sole of the 1983 trainers, but with the addition of a technical shock absorbing polyurethane sole, flexible rocker heel, cushioned tongue, and extra inner sole. A cult favourite especially among the hip-hop community of the 1980s, this sneaker is a mix of the vintage and the contemporary: the upper is exactly like the original, while the angular sole and curved toe cap takes inspiration from 2017 models. Just like its predecessor, it’s available in white for both men and women, and an additional variation in suede snuff grey for men.


The SS18 Retro Sneakers Collection is now available at Bally boutiques globally.

Images courtesy of Bally