Toosday Shoesday: Balenciaga's X-Pander Sneaker
8 June 2021

Toosday Shoesday: Balenciaga’s X-Pander Sneaker

Balenciaga has introduced the X-Pander its latest running shoe-styled sneaker which looks as if its sole has been elevated with a carjack, and yep, that’s where it gets its namesake. When worn, the heels actually expand and collapse with each step, taking the saying, a “bounce/spring in your step” to a whole new level — literally. How futuristic is that?

Balenciaga X-Pander Sneaker Upper Yellow

Introduced as part of the Summer 2021 Pre- Collection, this unisex sneaker with a 40mm arch, is made from technical materials with motion-like patterns, making it unbelievably lightweight. Thanks to its stone-washing process, it also has a slight distressed or worn look. You’d find several distinctly Balenciaga elements on the sneaker: the “B.” on the upper, “X-Pander” on the side, and “Balenciaga” on the tongue, it also has an embroidered shoe size on the back exterior.

Balenciaga X-Pander Sneaker Back

With this sneaker, no one would ever say you are shuffling or dragging your feet ever again, as you bounce along wherever you go, feeling as if you’re the star of your very own sci-fi action flick.


Images courtesy of Balenciaga