Toosday Shoesday: Balenciaga's Speed 3.0
9 March 2021

Toosday Shoesday: Balenciaga’s Speed 3.0

After the success of the Speed footwear, Balenciaga has dropped the latest generation in the Speed family, the Speed 3.0The Maison’s signature footwear which is part-boot and part-socks, it gets its name from its aerodynamic design which comes with a patented triple arch and form-fitting 3D knit which does not only make it super comfortable thanks to the moulded sole which provides both the heel and ball of the foot with ample support. This new generation of the Speed also comes with a Speed 3.0 logo at the front and back of each sole, and a technical-ribbed embroidered knit with Balenciaga’s double B logo which creates a sock-like vibe. Oh, and what’s even better is that it’s ultra-light, thus making it feel as if you’re not wearing anything on your feet at all! 😉

The new Speed 3.0 comes in Fluo Yellow, Black, White, Beige, and Blue, and is now available at Balenciaga boutiques globally, as well as the official website.


Images courtesy of Balenciaga