Toosday Shoesday: Balenciaga's "Money" Knife Boots
17 April 2018

Toosday Shoesday: Balenciaga’s “Money” Knife Boots

“Money, money, money, Must be funny, In a rich man’s world…”

These were the exact first words that sprung to mind when I saw this pair of Balenciaga Money-Printed “Knife” Boots from the Spring/Summer 18 collection. Yep they aren’t exactly “words” per se, but, no kidding, they sent me into full-on ABBA mode.

Anyway, back to the “Knife” boots. Well, this isn’t exactly the first season they’re being offered, but they’ve been rather popular. As for its namesake, forget running into someone – the toe is so pointy that it could probably stab someone if you so much as nudge them with your foot, so it’s certainly quite obvious why it’s called the “knife”.

Balanciaga Knife Dollar Printed Boots Detail

Yep, those of you well-heeled folks out there (pun intended) will most probably argue for these boots because it’s this very pointy-ness that makes you look as if you’ve got #legsfordays. While I do appreciate the wondrous illusion these pointy boots can do for you, and given the fact that I’m vertically challenged and can do with a little bit of added height (real or otherwise), I probably wouldn’t even be able to last 5 minutes standing in these shoes given the way my toes are all squished up in them, even though I’ve been told they’re rather comfortable. Hmm, I guess this is something people like me, who practically lives in flats, wouldn’t be able to understand. Also, I probably wouldn’t even be able to walk 10 steps with my dignity intact. Haha, yes, I’m that hopeless in heels. No, really. 

Balanciaga Knife Dollar Printed Boots Detail
Anyway, back to these particular pair of “Knife” boots. They come in both an over-the-knee style as well as a lower version, one that rests just below the knee. The issue I have with these is not so much the cut or silhouette of the boots, because these boots, especially those in the solid colours, which have become very popular among the fashion crowd. The ones that I’m having problems grappling with, are these dollar-printed “extreme pointed toe” (according to Balenciaga) boots and booties made of spandex, that look as if the entire shoe made up of Ben Franklins pasted on haphazardly on them … sorta like a DIY art project, if you know what I mean. Okay I’ll admit that I also can’t quite understand the fluorescent coloured spandex versions, but I think this is really #nextlevel. It also reminds me of that memorable  line in Jerry Maguire, when he says “Show me the money!”

Well whether this was Demna Gvasalia’s attempt at pastiche or parody, we will never know for sure, but well, I think the emoji with dollar signs for eyes and on its tongue, just about sums it up – a gold digger’s dream.

Personally, though, I prefer some of the other types of shoes from the “Knife”range, which I’ve included below

Images via Balenciaga

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