Saint Laurent's "Appelle Moi" Heel
29 August 2017

Saint Laurent’s “Appelle Moi” Heel

After the success of Saint Laurent’s highly sought after Opium Patent Heel (yep the one with the YSL logo for a heel) that was virtually impossible to get your hands on, the Maison is back with yet another charming heel detail, but this time, from the Appelle Moi Capsule Collection. For those of us who aren’t French-literate, this translates into “Call Me”. While the capsule consists of items such as a tee, and some fashion jewellery with either inscribed with “Appelle Moi” or “Rendez-vous” on them, since it’s Tuesday, I thought I’d feature this black patent heel with an ankle strap because after all, “Toosday” is “shoes day”, heh, and yes that’s something I totally just made up on the fly, but hey, it makes for a nice rhyme, no? =P

Anyhow, I really have to say, though this heel looks super cool and fashionably chic, I’m not sure how I’d feel without any form of heel support with more than half of my foot in that shoe, floating in mid-air. Yes, I’m aware that there’s that horizontal bar that spans across from the front to the back of the shoe, but it’s quite obvious that there isn’t that much the shoe can offer, in terms of foot support. I mean, heels already put enough strain on our knees and back as they are, and without any semblance of a heel in place, I’m not sure it’s even worth it to sacrifice our wellbeing with this pair of shoes, no matter how cool they look. Perhaps I’m coming from the standpoint of someone who isn’t used to wearing heels on a daily basis (if you know me personally, you’d know that I live in flats), and with the recent back issues that I’ve been experiencing this year, I’m definitely even more cautious and weary of these.

Image via Saint Laurent