Repetto's Autumn/Winter 15 Collection
26 August 2015

Repetto’s Autumn/Winter 15 Collection

For Autumn/Winter 15, Repetto goes with the theme Eternal Love. Being a brand that had become renowned for their ballet pointe shoes, it’s only natural that Repetto would take inspiration from a ballet written and composed by Sergei Prokofiev: one of the greatest love stories of all time, Romeo and Juliet. 

Thanks to Shakespeare, however, we know it better as a play rather than a ballet itself. I mean, I’m sure “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo!” is firmly ingrained in our memories, and even Prokofiev himself had based his Op.64 ballet on this epic Shakespearean romantic tragedy. And, for the Autumn/Winter 15 collection, Repetto focuses on the two pivotal scenes from this play, the Ball and the Balcony scenes.

The Ball is represented by the colours red, pink and yellow to signify a blossoming romance, and blue, midnight blue and black for the challenges that they will be facing thanks to their warring families. On the other hand, the inspiration from the Balcony scene is more complex, hence the earthier colour palette featuring browns and greys, to Repetto pink.

The Brigitte, first introduced as part of the Spring/Summer 15 collection

Well a romantic tragedy it may be, but I’m certainly liking the brighter colour palette for the Autumn/Winter 15 season, especially the purple and fuchsia! Oh, and of course the studded flats.

Images courtesy of Repetto