Love It Or Hate It: Balenciaga's Platform "Foam" Crocs Shoes For SS18
24 October 2017

Love It Or Hate It: Balenciaga’s Platform “Foam” Crocs Shoes For SS18

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. You pretty much know that I’ve always been a Balenciaga fangirl since forever, and despite the market/Ikea bags (known as the “Bazar” bag),  or even the giant “ottoman” bags, I still gave it a chance,  but THIS really just takes the cake. I mean, seriously, this 10cm platform versions of the Crocs shoes, which the brand calls the “Foam” shoes, is just utterly ridiculous. When I saw this come down the SS18 runway, I have to say, I really was speechless. Why would Creative Director Demna Gvasalia even dream up such an atrocity as this? If this doesn’t make Cristobal Balenciaga turn in his grave, I don’t know what will. I’m actually waiting to see what other “creations” Gvasalia dreams up for FW18… Balenciaga fangirl I may be, but I have to #keepitreal and say that it’s really becoming the laughingstock of the fashion world.  If he keeps this up, he would be slowly dragging the brand through the mud and into the abyss, one design at a time. Either that, or he’s doing this to create buzz and get people talking about the brand, because bad press is still gets the brand mentioned, and in which case then, he’s somewhat genius.

Image via Balenciaga (Facebook)