Weekend Post: A Personal Update For All My Readers - BIG news to share!
19 January 2013

Weekend Post: A Personal Update For All My Readers – BIG news to share!

Hello, hello lovelies,

It’s my first personal update post for 2013! Well, I don’t usually do personal updates, because most of the time they’re on my Twitter or Instagram anyway, but there’s something way too exciting that happened this week to NOT share with you guys!

For those of you who are already following me on Instagram & Twitter (@bagaddictsanon), you’d have noticed this post from earlier on in the week, well, Monday to be exact. If you’re not following me on either of the social media mentioned, then here’s my BIG news!

Yes, hashtag nerd indeed! LOL! Who gets excited about studying, hmm?  But seriously, it is a rather exciting journey that I’m going to be embarking on for the next 3 to 5 years, but it’s something that I really want to do, and even better, I’ll be specialising in and researching on Fashion! It was obviously my choice, but I really can’t think of anything better! 😉 Oh, and since the photo was posted a few days ago, Tuesday January 15th was my first official day of my PhD!

I’m told that it will be a long and sometimes, even torturous road, and that I should expect to feel frustrated and even downright angry (especially when my work isn’t going to go the way I planned!). But isn’t that part of life? I’ll cross that bridge when it comes, no point worrying about it now anyway. My supervisor even cautioned me against 3 things, specifically stating that I shouldn’t even think of doing either of these, because I wouldn’t have the time for either:

  1. don’t think about starting a new relationship
  2. don’t decide on moving house
  3. don’t decide to have a baby

The last one there left me quite puzzled, to be honest! LOL! Why would I want to have a baby? I don’t fancy kids, what more if they were mine, yes? Some my say maternal instincts have yet to kick in but I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar against that.
And my other supervisor? He said, “Condolences to you. The suffering begins!” Gee, thanks! How very comforting, innit? In short, what they both were trying to say in their very own unique way, was that I should kiss my social life goodbye from this moment onwards.

That said, this PhD is a serious commitment, and while I know there is truth to what they say, I’m gonna keep on doing what I do, and manage my time wisely and effectively so hopefully I don’t kiss such a big part of my social life goodbye. But then again, I teach music on weekends anyway, so I’m already quite used to not having weekends free!
Don’t worry peeps, I will still continue to lecture at Monash every alternate semester, teach music on weekends,  contribute to Tongue In Chic,  and of course, last but certainly not least, blog daily (to my best abilities, though do be merciful when I don’t because that means deadlines are looming)!

Thanks for all of your support! Wish me luck!


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