Update To My Reebonz Closets Experience
10 August 2016

Update To My Reebonz Closets Experience

Over a year ago, I shared my experience with Reebonz Closets, and until today, it still remains one of my most popular blogposts right here. I haven’t sold stuff via Reebonz Closets for a long time now, but I recently used this service again, so here’s an update on my experience. Before I proceed, though, this blogpost is not in any way written with any malicious intent towards Reebonz, but as my readers, I feel that I owe it to you guys, to update you about the changes that have arisen since the Closets service was launched early last year.

In my previous blogpost, I mentioned that I was most impressed by their security tagging system upon collection of the item. This time around, after the successful sale of the item, I arranged for a pick-up date so that the Reebonz Closets team could collect my item from me. I was going about my merry ways, and when the time came, I was quite surprised to see a guy from an outsourced private courier company on a motorbike at my door because I was expecting the Reebonz van. Unsure who he was, he showed me the instructions on his phone that he had been sent by Reebonz (via his company) to pick up my item. I then asked if he brought the security bags and tamper-proof seals, and he didn’t seem to have any idea what I was referring to. Uncomfortable about the lack of security tagging and that I was just to hand my bag over to the courier guy on a bike, several thoughts raced through my mind: “What if it got damaged on the way? Or wet in the rain? Or stolen? or worse still, switched for a fake?” I didn’t want the bag to reach the Reebonz office in a different condition than how I sent it off. Because, at the end of the day, it would only be my word against theirs. All that I would be given by the courier guy, is a tracking number (because he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be picking up).

Despite the tracking number though, it could’ve very well arrived at the supposed destination, but it still doesn’t guarantee that nothing would happen to my bag while in transit. Because I had my concerns, I called the Reebonz office to enquire about this arrangement. They told me that I was to package my own bag in a box and seal it to ensure nothing happens in transit after passing it to the courier guy. I told them that I don’t feel safe doing that, and requested for the Reebonz van to come pick it up instead. I also asked about the security tagging, (because I would’ve given the bag to the courier guy if they also had the same tamper-proof tagging system) and the person who was on the phone with me said that that would only happen if it was the Reebonz van that came to pick it up. Upon hearing that, I was quite pissed off because it sounded as if only some customers who were fortunate enough to get the Reebonz pickup got the tagging, while others who were assigned to the outsourced courier companies, didn’t. They said that if I was uncomfortable with the arrangement, I could drop the item off at their office personally instead. To me, that was a rather ridiculous suggestion, because we were guaranteed convenience and hassle-free pick-up. In the end, they said that they’d arrange for the Reebonz van to pick the item up from me at a later date, but she also couldn’t guarantee that I’d always be getting the Reebonz van in the future.

Fast forward to Monday this week, and the Reebonz butler came in the company’s van to pick the item up from me as scheduled. It was the same guy that I had dealt with a couple of times last year, when I used the Closets service to sell my preloved bags quite frequently. And the butler remembered me too! I was given, as mentioned, in the previous blogpost, a copy of a receipt, stating that the said item had been passed on to them, and we both signed and got to keep a copy each. I then asked about the security tagging — and he told me that they had gotten rid of the security tagging system some time back, and it was only then I realised that I was misinformed by the lady I spoke to, who told me that the security tagging system was only available to those whose items were collected by the Reebonz butler. So this is a heads up my dear readers, that the tamper-proof security tagging system I mentioned in this blogpost  is no longer being used by Reebonz Closets. If you’re selling or have plans to sell your preloved bags, shoes, and accessories via the platform, make sure that you have your item packed in a box and sealed, just in case you didn’t get assigned the Reebonz van to collect your item. It’s rather sad though, that of all things they decided to skimp on, it’s the impressive security system… *sigh*

PS: Again, as mentioned above, this blogpost was not written to cause any harm to anyone. This is  just to update you, my loyal readers, about the changes that have arisen since the Closets service was launched because I don’t want you to feel as if I have misled you by what I had written in the previous Closets blogpost — without you, I wouldn’t have come to where I am today!! Thank you once again for your support, and it’s with you in mind that I am kept inspired and motivated to churn out blog content daily, despite being bogged down with PhD deadlines!! xx

Image via Reebonz Closets