My Disappointing Experience With WWD
28 July 2017

My Disappointing Experience With WWD

Women’s Wear Daily, known in the fashion industry as WWD, takes pride in being THE fashion resource that is always the first to break news and provide us with the scoop and breaking news. Fashion insiders too, rely heavily on WWD. For such a reputable publication, you’d think that they’d exercise more professionalism and accountability when it comes to customer service and technical support.

I have been a WWD subscriber via the iPad app, for at least 5 years, and it has been a pleasant experience, until my last annual subscription renewal, in September 2016. Ever since it was renewed, I have not been able to access or download any new issues. Since the renewal, I am prompted to either restore my purchase, or confirm whether I would like to purchase a yearly, or monthly, subscription. When I hit “restore my purchase”, it tells me that there is no record of any active subscription, and when I tap on “confirm yearly subscription”, it tells me that I am already subscribed. Yet, those 2 options keep popping up when I open the app, and it refuses to let me proceed further. Additionally, those subscribed to the iPad edition are supposed to be able to access daily WWD issues, but I’ve only been able to access the weekly issues. I thought perhaps I didn’t update the app, and so I downloaded the latest version, but again, I was faced with the same situation.

I decided to email the WWD technical support team, and I even followed up on that a couple of times via email, but still, no response. I then reached out to the customer service team, and again, received no replies. It has been almost 11 months and I’ve been emailing so many different WWD departments, to the extent of first sending them a DM on Instagram, to sending countless DMs, emailing their social media team because I’ve tried every single WWD email prior to this,  and also posting it on my Insta Stories, and tagging the team. And surprise surprise, no news from either of them either. I find it utterly ridiculous and I’m downright annoyed that I didn’t receive a single reply to any of the emails I’ve been sending for the past 11 months, considering the fact that I’m paying over 100 USD for my subscription. I am definitely cancelling my subscription after this horrible experience!

Image via WWD