Louis Vuitton's Maison Vivienne Dollhouse
20 August 2021

Louis Vuitton’s Maison Vivienne Dollhouse

It’s one thing to have grown up with an entire Sylvanian Families dollhouse when we were little, but this Malle Maison Vivienne Dollhouse that’s housed (pardon the pun) inside an Louis Vuitton trunk, is a whole different level altogether. Created as part of their 200th Anniversary Collection, this dollhouse is certainly designed with Vuitton collectors in mind.

As with all dollhouses, where everything comes in miniaturised proportions, Vuitton transformed the trunk’s interior into a 3-storey abode for Vivienne, with 6 “rooms”  including a kitchen and dining room complete with a acrylic monogrammed dining table, and the fleur de monogram as knobs for Vivienne’s fridge and cabinets, a bathroom, a playroom, and a study, a room for lounging, as well as a rooftop deck. What’s even more special, is that it also comes with a mini wardrobe, 2 trunks (which are essentially minuscule versions of their Courrier Lozine and Wardrobe trunks), and 4 chairs, a bathtub, kitchen cabinets other furnitures and fixtures, as well as 2 Vivienne dolls, and a sliding base should Vivienne want to convert it into an additional terrace,  small versions of their Courrier Lozine and Wardrobe trunks. 

Louis Vuitton Maison Vivienne Dollhouse Furnitures

Oh, and if you’re wondering whether these furnitures are affixed into each room, nope! You can move them about and redecorate the rooms and Vivienne’s entire house, as you wish! All the pieces and parts of the dollhouse can be securely stored in their own compartments, in another trunk that fits within the dollhouse itself, so they don’t move about, and there’s also an additional strap on the cover onto which Vivienne can be fastened so that she remains firmly in place.

Louis Vuitton Maison Vivienne Monogram Canvas Travel Case With Furniture Storage

Whether you have kids or not, this is definitely a great Vuitton collectible!


Images: Louis Vuitton