Hermès Through The Walls Exhibit, Singapore
3 November 2017

Hermès Through The Walls Exhibit, Singapore

We all know about the Hermès silk scarves and of course the Birkins and Kellys, which, for many of us, are what we refer to as our “Holy Grail” bags. But did you know that the Maison is also in the business of making fine furniture since the early 1920s? I have to admit, that I certainly didn’t know this, until the recent Hermès Through the Walls Exhibition at its Liat Towers flagship store in Singapore, that just ended last weekend. Luckily, I had my rep who visited the exhibit on my behalf.

The upper levels at the Singapore flagship was transformed into a home universe showcasing its latest   creations – the entire space was metamorphosed: “architecture within architecture, a home within a home; the store becomes a place to live”. And if you’re thinking it’s just furniture, think again, because it also includes home décor such as wallpapers, furnishing fabrics, as well as lighting!

This installation, done up exclusively for Singapore, and designed in such a way that at times, became somewhat Surrealist in nature due to the broken walls and the bare bones of the architecture, was the work of Jean-Christophe Vaillant and Hervé Sauvage. 

Now, feast your eyes on the tantalising photos, made even more phantasmagoric, thanks to the patterned wallpapers!
































All images by Bag Addicts Anonymous