Getting Personal: My 2018 In Review
31 December 2018

Getting Personal: My 2018 In Review

Dear lovelies,

As the year comes to a close, it’s time for my annual closing “year that was” post where I get a little personal, so here’s a look back at my 2018.

The year began with a major refresh for Bag Addicts Anonymous. We overhauled our old site, got our own server, and migrated from blogger to WordPress, and did a complete redesign. On January 10th, we unveiled a totally new BAA, and added more categories, including Men’s Fashion. What began as a blog, had become a full-fledged luxury fashion website. Content also took a different direction, with the debut of our “Guides” section on the site, with helpful articles offering practical solutions, ranging from topics such as authentication and useful tips and tricks on how you can preserve the lifespan of your handbags, to the history of iconic bags and the types of bags you should be investing in. You can now also subscribe to Bag Addicts Anonymous so that you get first dibs on giveaways as well as exclusive news and stories before they make their on-site debut!

In the middle of the year, we also decided to open another Instagram account which focused on personal style content ( @beiyanpoh ) so that we could our @bagaddictsanon IG page would be more cohesive as a whole, featuring only editorial content.

We also received the Top Influencer Award from Fohr, for Bottega Veneta, FENDI, and Delvaux, for the months of July, August, and September 2018, respectively. We were also featured in a Interview with Heidi Nazarudin, a.k.a. The Ambitionista.

On a more personal front, my back health hasn’t been at its best since last year. As you all know that I’ve been having back issues since early last year. This year, I’ve been committed to prioritising self-care, and focusing on my health and general wellbeing. My chiropractor, whom I’ve been going to regularly since 2017, basically told me that any fixes he does are merely temporary, and to ensure that my back heals, I need to strengthen my back and core muscles, so that my back and spine enjoys more flexibility and mobility. To help restore, or rather, set in motion the restorative process with regards to my back and spinal health, I began equipment-based Pilates with 2 private instructors twice-weekly: one to work on movement, and another, for corrective rehabilitation. It has only been 3 months since I started, but the results have been astounding. My posture is better, I’m standing straighter and taller without even trying to, and according to my chiro, my back has improved more in the last 3 months, in comparison to the entire 1 and a half years I’ve been seeing him, prior to Pilates. I’d always been averse to exercising, but man, am I hooked on it! In fact, I can’t wait for the week to whizz by so I can get to class days! Pilates addiction is real, peeps!

With all this said and done, we have a few plans up our sleeves, to grow Bag Addicts Anonymous, to make it even better than it is right now. Thank you all for your love, support and for believing in us, because without which, we wouldn’t be able to keep producing and curating content that you enjoy! Do let us know what you would like to see more of on the site, and we’ll try to make it happen!

May you all have a stellar 2019 filled with joy, love, and success! Keep shining, lovelies!

Bei Yan


Photo credits: Max Law