Christmas Presents: The Reveal
26 December 2013

Christmas Presents: The Reveal

THello lovelies, how was your Christmas?

As for me I basically feasted till my stomach hurt haha. But hey, today’s post is all about my unboxing of my Christmas presents!!
So here’s what I received this year:

This huge Louis Vuitton box turned out to be the Vuitton “City Bags: A Natural History” book, something which I was actually going to buy for myself. I guess the person who got me this actually took the trouble to go through my blog, and saw that I wanted this and decided to get this for me instead! Thank you!

Oh and they got me the Limited Edition version too! Thanks so much!!

The rest of my Christmas pressies: a Powebank, an Hermès “La Baguines” camouflage twilly, a studded bracelet, a Thierry Mugler pencil case, and the silver glitter “Georgie” clutch from the Kate Spade team in Hong Kong (close up in the pix below). Thank you!!

And from a good friend, who also knows that I’m a stationery-holic, got me this

Last but certainly not the least, and the earliest Christmas present I received this year, bought during last month’s trip to Hong Kong, the Givenchy Kenya Metal Antigona (Small) in Olive. So glad I chose the olive because it’s only available in Midnight Blue and Grey here in KL!

How was YOUR Christmas? What did you find under your tree this year?