@bagaddictsanon Featured on Pursebop
18 April 2016

@bagaddictsanon Featured on Pursebop

As many of you know, I collaborated with Dior last month on a Diorever handbag campaign. Most of the photos were exclusive to Instagram. It wasn’t until with only the final blogpost, which showcased all the photos I uploaded to Instagram in one comprehensive blogpost right here.

Not to toot my own horn and all that, but I feel so blessed that almost all of my Diorever campaign photos were regrammed by several popular designer handbag communities on Purseforum, The Bag Memo, and Pursebop (via @boptalk and @purseboppicks).Thanks to all of you for the regram!! I’ve compiled all of them in this blogpost.

What I really didn’t expect, was to also be featured on Pursebop’s website

Thank you to Team Pursebop for the feature!