@bagaddictsanon Bottega Veneta's Top Influencer Award, June 2018
7 July 2018

@bagaddictsanon Bottega Veneta’s Top Influencer Award, June 2018

Woots!! WWD-endorsed Global influencer platform Fohr (formerly Fohrcard) who represents some of the biggest fashion influencers, has awarded our Instagram account @bagaddictsanon as Bottega Veneta’s top influencer globally for June 2018! What a wonderful surprise this was for us, waking up to this news a couple of days ago.

Bag Addicts Anonymous Bottega Veneta Top Influencer

They tracked over 350 brands to see which influencers are giving them the most coverage on Instagram, ranked influencers by the number of impressions (number of followers x number of posts) they dedicate to those brands on over a given month, and look at the top influencer across 7 following levels, and we were the ones giving Bottega Veneta the most buzz for the month of June!

Major thanks to Fohr for this award, and for creating this image above just for us! It was indeed an honour to be given this award! Achievement unlocked, and level up for Bag Addicts Anonymous. Onwards and upwards we go! Also, special thanks to all dedicated readers and followers of both the site and our Instagram account! If you hadn’t been devoted and loyal supporters, we wouldn’t have gotten the eyeballs, and this achievement certainly wouldn’t have been possible! xx


Image courtesy of Fohr